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We provide customized learning options that help individuals and organizations accelerate the implementation of their business strategies.

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“I have had the opportunity to work with Mike Pickering on numerous occasions. Being present as he facilitates a group is always a learning experience for me, and I have witnessed the learning and growth from the participants he teaches. What I have found most valuable in Mike's style is his unfailing ability to meet the group where they are at; there is no artifice nor any barrier that makes him inaccessible or unapproachable. Considering his high level of global expertise and intelligence, it is no small matter to be able to relate to people as naturally as he does.  Mike also has an affinity for recognizing themes and patterns that emerge from the learners, and he deftly incorporates them into his workshops. Moreover, by sharing stories for illustrative purposes, and by clarifying and reiterating, Mike models the very behaviour he teaches his participants. I have found that his leadership is so strong that I am enabled more easily to support his teaching points, and a wonderful rhythm of give and take ensues. Although I've had the fortune of supporting many gifted facilitators over a decade, my experience with Mike has far outshone any other. I look forward to more such occasions in the future.”

Michelle Suzanne - Professional Simulator and Coach

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