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Five Trust Skills: Part 2 of 5


The metaphor of dancing partners translates perfectly into a trust-based relationship. Dancing brings to mind images of moving together in perfect synchronization and being completely in tune with one another.


When you choose a partner, whether it be to share your life with or to join your team at work, you want someone who has the following characteristics:

    • Maintains a mind-set of collaboration, not competition.
    • Works from a position of equal status.
    • Is willing and able to both lead and follow.
    • Balances assertiveness and cooperation.
    • Deals with disagreements and missteps productively and gracefully.
    • Demonstrates a commitment to sharing responsibility for achieving a goal.
    • Takes responsibility for her role in the partnership’s successes and failures.


Being a partner, like nearly everything that relates to becoming a Trusted Advisor, is simple but not necessarily easy. There are specific traits and habits that make the act of partnering difficult from the outset. Fortunately, there are always ways to improve your ability to help you become the best partner you can be.

Find more information on the Five Trust Skills in “The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook“, written by Charles H. Green and Andrea P. Howe.