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Five Trust Skills: Part 4 of 5


Deep trust does not exist without risk. Most of us worry about doing something that feels risky, like speaking a hard truth, because we don’t think we have enough trust in the relationship for that risk to be tolerated. The irony is, that it is the very act of taking those risks that creates trust. And trust in turn, is a great risk-mitigation strategy.

When you take risks you:

  • Act proactively to reduce ambiguity.
  • Acknowledge uncomfortable situations out loud.
  • Deliver hard news promptly and concisely.
  • Take responsibility for mistakes.
  • Are willing to express emotions.
  • Share something personal.

      • All of these actions will go a long way to improving your trust-based relationships.

        Find more information on the Five Trust Skills in “The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook“, written by Charles H. Green and Andrea P. Howe.