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Other-Orientation in The Trust Equation

The final component in The Trust Equation is known as  Other-Orientation.

Other-Oriented business people are relentlessly focused on their client’s wants and needs at all times. They are also very committed to making sure that all interactions are all about the client—not about themselves. This component deals with focus, motives and attentions.

It sounds like, “I can trust that she cares about…”.

The top 10 factors for trustworthiness that exist under
Other-Orientation are:

      1. Don’t jump to problem-solving—slow yourself taking notes, confirming expectations
      2. Be self-deprecating
      3. Answer direct questions with direct answers
      4. Don’t interrupt
      5. Watch a tendency to name-drop
      6. Call your client just to find out how he/she is
      7. Eliminate your jargon from your conversations
      8. Cultivate an attitude of curiosity—think in advance about what questions you want to ask
      9. Practice “thinking out loud” with your client
      10. Take responsibility for failed communications
      11. When we put all four components together we create The Trust Equation. Living the four Trust Values is the best way to increase your trustworthiness. The Trust Equation provides a scientific, analytical and actionable framework for how we help organizations and individuals improve their businesses and lives.

To learn more about The Trust Equation, please visit the Trusted Advisor Associates LLP website.