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Reliability in The Trust Equation

Today we will focus on the second component of the Trust EquationReliability. 

Reliability occurs when you prove yourself to be dependable and predictable over time. This factor is based on your actions. It is based on your dependability and your predictability.  When we think of Reliability we think of  someone that we “can trust to do…” and someone that will follow through on their word. Their word is their bond.

A reliable person will do what they promise to do – always. Consistency matters.

The top 10 factors for trustworthiness that exist under Reliability are:

  1. Set expectations up front and report regularly.
  2. Be prepared for meetings.
  3. Be at least on time if not early.
  4. Be unbelievably responsive.
  5. Make lots of small promises and consistently follow through.
  6. Do what you promise to do – always.
  7. Announce changes immediately and acknowledge the impact, especially when you won’t deliver as promised.
  8. Be rigorous about using good business practices, such as meeting agenda and notes.
  9. Reconfirm scheduled events.
  10. Only cancel if you absolutely must.


Can you think of the most reliable person in your life? What kind of characteristics does that person possess  What has made them become so reliable?

Reliability should be one of the easiest components of Trustworthiness, but we all have room to improve.