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The Fundamental Truths of Trust: Part 2 of 5

Building trust is a crucial step that is often overlooked during the process of building relationships. As we move forward in our discussion surrounding trust, we seek to discover how trust is created and what some of the fundamental truths of trust are.

In our last post, we learned about the first and second Fundamental Truths of Trust. As a reminder,

      • Trust requires trusting and being trusted
      • Trust is personal

      • Today we will introduce the third and fourth elements as we continue to break down how trust is built and why it plays such a crucial role in our daily lives.

        Fundamental Truth #3: Trust is About Relationships


        The idea that trust is about relationships seems obvious. In the world we live in today however, many people slip too easily into self-absorption by focusing in ways that takes their attention away from the person they seek to gain trust from. No one has ever heard of a solitary trusted advisor – the term itself implies a relationship.


        One of the major factors influencing trustworthiness is the issue of whether or not you are self-focused or other-focused. A good phrase to keep front of mind is, “It’s not about you”. If you remember that, then you will have no trouble remembering trust is about relationships.


        Fundamental Truth #4: Trust is Created in Interactions


        Although helpful, social media, great marketing programs and presentations will not propel you to the trusted advisory category. Trust is created in your exchanges with others – especially one on one. This requires mastering the art of conversation, which you will learn to do using the Trust Creation Process (see here): Engage, Listen, Frame, Envision and Commit.

        It may seem as if some of the Fundamental Truths of Trust are obvious, but you might be surprised by how many people are unaware of the important role trust plays in our everyday exchanges.


        By educating yourself on the 10 Truths, you will be sure to lay the foundation for a successful path to building trust in relationships.

        (This information is based on Chapter 1 in “The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook” written by Charles H. Green and Andrea P. Howe.)