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Trusted Advisor

As Canada’s exclusive Trusted Advisor® Associate, we guarantee you get the tools and core messages of the award-winning and proven Trusted Advisor program.  At its root, the Trusted Advisor methodology helps you to improve client relationships, increase sales without “selling,” become a better leader, and build stronger teams faster.  BPLS is pleased to present Trusted Advisor’s strategies as they dovetail and extend our own.

For more information, call us at 1 (519) 599-5882 or email us at You can also visit Trusted Advisor on the web for more valuable information.

The Latest From Trusted Advisor

The Consulting Industry: the Critical Role of Interpersonal Relationships
This is the first in an occasional series on trust in particular industry verticals. This post looks at the consulting industry. ———— In consulting, some things are changing. And some are not. The biggest trend is, of course, the digitization of the firm’s service offerings. For example, nearly three quarters of one large consulting firm’s […] Read More

Don’t Confuse Your KPIs with Your CSFs
I spoke with BigCo, Inc. They wanted their B2B salespeople to become trusted advisors. They felt (correctly) that greater trust levels with their customers would result in greater intra-customer market share and greater profitability. And they were right – as far as that goes. But they then described to me their implementation plan. It consisted […] Read More

Buddhist Capitalism: Why Trust and Collaboration Outperform Competitive Selling
When we think of capitalism, we typically think of competition as a central, driving force. At a macro-level, we have enshrined the value of competition in our antitrust laws. We think of competition between providers as a way to increase innovation and reduce costs. Adam Smith is frequently (and somewhat inaccurately) cited as the prophet […] Read More