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Trusted Advisor

As Canada’s exclusive Trusted Advisor® Associate, we guarantee you get the tools and core messages of the award-winning and proven Trusted Advisor program.  At its root, the Trusted Advisor methodology helps you to improve client relationships, increase sales without “selling,” become a better leader, and build stronger teams faster.  BPLS is pleased to present Trusted Advisor’s strategies as they dovetail and extend our own.

For more information, call us at 1 (519) 599-5882 or email us at You can also visit Trusted Advisor on the web for more valuable information.

The Latest From Trusted Advisor

In Complex Sales, Time Is on Your Side
What’s the relationship of time to sales? Should we worry that “time’s a wasting?” Or pay more heed to “all good things in due time?”  It sounds like a trivial question, but it’s got some far-reaching implications. In late 1964, an English group calling themselves The Rolling Stones got their first U.S. Top 10 record […] Read More

Are You Worthy of Your Client’s Trust?
Have you ever stopped and asked yourself if you’re worthy of your client’s trust? It’s a big question, but one with an interesting twist. It seems that trust, especially a client’s trust in us, is something that we too often take for granted. Just because a client signs on board with us – shouldn’t mark […] Read More

Don’t Be a Social Selling Lemming
I first wrote the below a few years ago – and it’s interesting how well the content, not to mention the message, still rings true today. While social media is probably the fastest evolving marketing and sales tool available, it’s interesting how much of it just hasn’t changed at all. Most of that is the root […] Read More